While the portfolio section of this site is dedicated to my best work and photographs that I feel may appeal to the masses, the nature of my work means I often take shots that I would not deem worthy of my portfolio but for the people captured in them they could provide a unique memento of a special moment in their lives. That is why I came up with the Captured Series of blog posts where I intend to make these photos available.

If you have seen me on the beach or in the water with my camera, this is where you may find that photo of yourself. It is impractical for me to upload every single photo I take here and thus I cannot guarantee that you will find your shot, but if you do please feel free to contact me for a hi-res copy.

There is something about the ocean that provides a sense of calm. Despite the ocean’s mood this one character still remains. I found it as I was as I was passing through San Diego on my way to LA. Under the guide of a local I was steered away from […]

It appears to me that some of the best experiences in life are the completely unexpected ones. Such was the case when I stumbled upon the Lazy HummingBird Cafe in San Diego whilst enjoying time with a new friend. We walked in to grab a quick coffee before heading to […]

Last week I was out in the water shooting the guys on the Liquid Force kite camp in Punta San Carlos as they surfed a glassy south swell which was providing a beautiful canvas for the pictures. The line-up was a mix of professional kiteboarders, those who came to learn […]