If you search #VanLife on your favourite social media outlet, you are likely to find thousands of pictures from people who spent months painstakingly preparing their preferred van for adventures to come. There will be pictures of long nights spent in garages, coffee stained plans peaking out from beneath power […]

I’ve just gone through the familiar inquisition at the Canadian border, it always gets a little sticky when they ask that question, “What is your plan?” It is the same question many people ask me when they meet me, with them I tend to be a little more candid, “I […]


Positive Chance

Let’s give them a chance.

Sitting watching my one of my last Punta San Carlos sunsets for the year, crispy golden beer in hand. I followed another droplet slide down the neck of the bottle, shinning like amber sap from a pine, and cracked out laughing to myself with the thought, “How the hell did […]