I first met Jamie Hancock(Gaastra/Vandal) when he joined Jem Hall on a trip to Punta San Carlos in 2014.  It was great to see someone with a ridding style and attitude much like my own, or rather in this case one I aspire to achieve. I’d seen a number of very good […]

I’d been told by two separate sources in J-Bay of a new backpackers just down the way, a place they told me I needed to go, a place they told me I wouldn’t want to leave, a place they told me had a wild beauty, hidden along a dirt track. […]


Family Time

16/05/2013 It was a relief to see the familiar faces of my aunt and uncle searching for me at Cape Town bus terminal after another 20 hour bus journey. I had left Windhoek the night before after 6 days driving myself around Namibia and was looking forward to some down […]


West Coast Scenic

23/05/2013 Having lived in South Africa for 20 odd years and during subsequent trips back I have covered a fair amount of the beautiful country, from Sodwana Bay on the north east coast to Graaf Reinet in the interior, though I had never been further up the west coast than […]


Nomadic in Namibia – Lüderitz

14/05/2013 Sometimes one gets lucky with photography. As I wounds through the pass to the coast, I knew that it was one of those times, the ghostly shells of the Kolmanskop houses stood like guardians scanning the horizon, behind them a sky burnt of oranges and pinks as wispy flames […]