Cederberg Moon Rise

I’d returned to South Africa to visit family and we went for a weekend to the Cederberg. My mum, my sister and I hiked up a trail behind the resort we were staying in for sunset. This shot was completely unexpected, I hadn’t even realized it was full moon. ¬†Waiting to get the shot meant that the hike back down was a little challenge as none of us had brought flashlights with us.

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    Surf Culture
  • Choose a moment
    Choose a moment
  • Then Magic Happened.
    Then Magic Happened.
  • Green Lights
    Green Lights
  • Purple Snap
    Purple Snap
  • Loreto – Where to Next?
    Loreto – Where to Next?
  • Wet Wishing in Washington
    Wet Wishing in Washington
  • Then Magic Happened.
    Then Magic Happened.