I was in Cape Town doing a shoot for Vandal Sails. There was no wind that day so I had been surfing, but in the afternoon the wind started to pick up so I called the guys. They had an amazing session, just 3 of them with the entire beach to themselves. I was out in the water shooting and with the current and 3 hours of surfing before in frigid temperatures I was absolutely spent within an hour of shooting. But when I saw this shot on the camera as I warmed up by the fire, I knew it had been worth it.

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  • Green Lights
    Green Lights
  • An Ocean of Happiness
    An Ocean of Happiness
  • Purple Snap
    Purple Snap
  • Wet Wishing in Washington
    Wet Wishing in Washington
  • Surf Culture
    Surf Culture
  • Mt Shasta Sunset
    Mt Shasta Sunset