Wild Winds

I had set myself up on the point to capture the wild winds of the El Norte whip the tails off the waves like maddened coach men.

After a few shots with a polariser on I wanted to catch some more of the reflections so took it off an screwed my Cokin filter back on. I moved closer to the edge and as I put the tripod down the filter system fell off the end of the camera. I tried to grab it but the winds were too fierce for me to let go of the tripod with the camera on, so all I could do was watch in slow motion as my filter holder and ND-grad filter skipped once, twice and thrice into the ocean below.

I guess it was natures way of saying pay up for all the moments she has afforded me.

  • Green Lights
    Green Lights
  • Purple Snap
    Purple Snap
  • Mt Shasta Sunset
    Mt Shasta Sunset
  • Wet Wishing in Washington
    Wet Wishing in Washington
  • Loreto – Where to Next?
    Loreto – Where to Next?
  • Wet Wishing in Washington
    Wet Wishing in Washington
  • Choose a moment
    Choose a moment
  • Then Magic Happened.
    Then Magic Happened.