I’d climbed to the top of ridge that I spotted on a previous hike and had thought it would be a good spot to shoot from.  When I got to the top I discovered that I had broken yet another lens and one of the components was loose.  I managed to shake the component back into place, but had lost auto-focus and zoom. This was the image that I managed to get despite the broken lens.


  • An Ocean of Happiness
    An Ocean of Happiness
  • Choose a moment
    Choose a moment
  • Mt Shasta Sunset
    Mt Shasta Sunset
  • Surf Culture
    Surf Culture
  • Purple Snap
    Purple Snap
  • China Air
    China Air
  • Then Magic Happened.
    Then Magic Happened.
  • Loreto – Where to Next?
    Loreto – Where to Next?
  • Wet Wishing in Washington
    Wet Wishing in Washington
  • Then Magic Happened.
    Then Magic Happened.