People often ask me whether it is lonely in Punta San Carlos over the winter. While there are certainly some lonely days there are often campers around to socialize with.  It is one of the things I enjoy most about the winters, the relaxed feel and the the community which the […]

Sitting watching my one of my last Punta San Carlos sunsets for the year, crispy golden beer in hand. I followed another droplet slide down the neck of the bottle, shinning like amber sap from a pine, and cracked out laughing to myself with the thought, “How the hell did […]

I watched the last plane of passengers take off for the season, all happy after a chilled week in PSC. I had my laptop die so had to borrow one for processing, unfortunately the screen on it was on the terrible side and the resulting pictures look under exposed as […]

Many think it sounds odd, but I rather enjoy overcast, rainy weather. It is one of the reasons I originally moved to London. Though now spending most of my time in Punta San Carlos, it is rare that I get to enjoy the moody clouds and wet that I enjoy […]