If you search #VanLife on your favourite social media outlet, you are likely to find thousands of pictures from people who spent months painstakingly preparing their preferred van for adventures to come. There will be pictures of long nights spent in garages, coffee stained plans peaking out from beneath power […]

Location : Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada Wave : Beach break, breaks both left and right along the beach. Best break is at low tide on the sandbar outside the river mouth. Swell Direction Surfed: North West Board used : Rawson 5.10 Impalla – Quad setup. Suit used : Camero 4-3 with […]

After the AWT event in Santa Cruz, Phil, Cecelia and I  left early Sunday morning to drive up the coast to the next event in Pistol River, Oregon. We’re driving up the 101, through hills of gold and green. It is difficult to focus on writing with the magnificent views that surround me […]

I’m sitting writing this a week into the season at SoloSports, during a rare moment that I find time to myself. In 2 hours we have another 7 guests arriving and a further 10 on Saturday for clinics and more. For the next couple weeks this will likely be the […]