All to often we say the words, “It’s the beginning of the end.” When perhaps we should be saying, “It’s the beginning [of something new].” Such was the case for the American Windsurfing Tour (AWT) event in Punta San Carlos (PSC) this year. Having shot two of the previous events […]

After the AWT event in Santa Cruz, Phil, Cecelia and I  left early Sunday morning to drive up the coast to the next event in Pistol River, Oregon. We’re driving up the 101, through hills of gold and green. It is difficult to focus on writing with the magnificent views that surround me […]



I only discovered my passion for the ocean later on in life and in a way I am lucky.  So many of the friends I am making now that I am following an ocean lifestyle have had ear problems due to spending so much time in the water. After my […]

I first met Jamie Hancock(Gaastra/Vandal) when he joined Jem Hall on a trip to Punta San Carlos in 2014.  It was great to see someone with a ridding style and attitude much like my own, or rather in this case one I aspire to achieve. I’d seen a number of very good […]

Many think it sounds odd, but I rather enjoy overcast, rainy weather. It is one of the reasons I originally moved to London. Though now spending most of my time in Punta San Carlos, it is rare that I get to enjoy the moody clouds and wet that I enjoy […]